Influencer Marketing

Social media has become part of daily live and our way of thinking. Everyone is talking about influencers, for instance. But if you've never worked with influencers, it can be challenging to know where to begin. When does an influencer campaign suit your brand and organization? How do you arrange and manage successful and effective partnerships, that respect their creativity on the one hand and your business goals on the other? And how do you successfully integrate influencer marketing into existing strategies? We optimize the synergie between PR, communication and marketing campaigns. Online, offline and on social media: it makes little difference to the consumer. We strongly believe in a 360 degree approach to get the best results and offer the full scope of services with regard to influencer marketing: strategy, business appointments, production of creative audiovisual content and managing the entire process creating a bridge between your brand / organization and the influencer(s) involved. With a successful win-win as a result.