After the Pandemic.

What positive insights and business opportunities exist for the post-pandemic world? One of the subjects we are lucky to discuss with Marketing Drenthe is free time. The past year has made all of us more aware of the importance of stepping back from the daily grind once in a while to head off into nature. Few organisations have been as successful in conveying this notion as Marketing Drenthe, with an entire marketing campaign inspired by it. The organisation also presented its vision 'Perspective on Destination Drenthe 2030', which describes how the tourism and recreation sector of this province will substantially contribute to prosperity and well-being of the region in the coming years.


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A publication in Flow magazine, covering the press trip to Geopark de Hondsrug:

A publication in Historia, covering the press trip to the Koloniën van Weldadigheid:

A publication in Hollands Glorie about de Koloniën van Weldadigheid in Drenthe: