Sharing knowledge and vision.

Annexum helps individuals invest in real estate. With 25 funds in five categories and a very personal approach, Annexum assists investors in sectors such as residential real estate, offices, supermarkets and healthcare facilities. Ten years ago, we met Huib Boissevain, founder and CEO of the organization, for the first time. It became a valuable bond of trust. We share Huib’s expertise and vision by using a variety of PR-tools for which we create the right content. As a result, Huib and Annexum feature in news and trade media quite regularly.

Extensive experience.

Interview with Huib Boissevain, CEO of Annexum, in Distrifood.

A personal piece about Huib Boissevain and his wife in NRC.

Huib Boissevain as a guest in BNR Zakendoen. Listen to the interview here.