Social Media

Social media is no longer a 'nice perk', but an integral part of our way of working and thinking. As a result, we can serve our customers '360 degrees' on every communication issue. Social is crucial as a branding and marketing tool and a decisive link in a changing customer journey. It is an essential instrument to reach different target groups. Feel free to ask us about all the different possibilities. After all, the world of social media changes daily: what was a hype yesterday is old news today. Our social media team is always on top of things, up to date on new developments and very good at separating illusion from opportunity. Coebergh offers four social media packages, that can obviously be combined.

  • Strategy: advice on how and where to use social content to achieve the best possible result (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Execution: a full service package in which we manage all your social media channels via a professional dashboard, create and plan posts and are responsible for community management and audience outreach in such a way that your social presence grows and becomes more relevant.
  • Production: we produce creative, effective social media content (video, photography, gifs) that aligns with your brand values ​​and creates social buzz and increases following.
  • Paid: we develop an effective social advertising strategy, create the right ads and deploy them on relevant channels with a boost budget.