Mattresses and face masks.

Royal Auping is a manufacturer of beds and mattresses. Coebergh has been serving the well-known company from Deventer since 2014. From introducing new bed textile collections and new design products to explaining circular business operations. From communicating about innovative developments to personal PR.

And then corona hit.

Auping distinguished itself, by quickly allocating part of its facilities to the production of much-needed medical face masks, in addition to its core business of producing mattresses. Initially, the masks were made by hand, but the process has now been automated. Coebergh initiated and managed the many media requests around this large-scale operation, in close collaboration with the Auping team. With an 'agile' crisis approach, Auping is living up to its mission: to give as many people as possible a good night's sleep and contribute to a well-rested world.

Extensive experience.

In an interview with Marketing Tribune, Ine Stultjens, Head of Marketing & Communication at Auping, reflects on the beginning of the corona era when Auping decided to focus on manufacturing medical face masks.