Wonderful rituals.

The Dutch brand Rituals is a worldwide success, with around 700 stores in 27 countries. One of the first highlights of our collaboration - which started in 2013 - was the viral video ’Laughing Tram Man’ in collaboration with our sister agency VERTOV, which received millions of views and was awarded a prestigious Sabre Award. We regularly organize press events for Rituals, for example around the launch of a new collection. We also assist in influencer marketing, where we set up long-term partnerships with influencers who are genuine fans and promote the values of the brand in a natural way.

In October 2020, Rituals celebrated its 20th anniversary with the opening of the spectacular House of Rituals. This eye-catcher on Amsterdam's Spui - four floors with a total surface area of ​​1,500 m2 - is the largest Rituals flagship store in the world. Despite the Covid restrictions, we were able to receive a large group of journalists and influencers - Covid-proof - during the two-day preview event. The extra measures we had to take were worth it: the media attention for this holistic store concept was enormous.

Extensive experience.

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