Unprecedented legal case.

The Privacy Collective - a foundation that acts against violation of privacy rights - is taking Oracle and Salesforce to Court. The foundation accuses the technology concerns of unlawfully collecting and processing data of millions of Dutch internet users. The foundation launched a class action, a legal procedure in which compensation is claimed for a large group of individuals. It is the first time that this legal instrument is used in the Netherlands in a case of infringement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Coebergh designed and implemented a media strategy that resulted in a large amount of (international) media attention. Het Financieele Dagblad even dedicated its entire front page to the news.

Extensive experience.

Publication Forbes

Front page Het Financieele Dagblad

Online publications Het Financieele Dagblad Nederlandse massaclaim tegen Amerikaanse techreuzen vanwege privacyschending ‘Dan maar een commerciële financier, anders überhaupt geen massaclaim’

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